What is LRAP?

The Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) increases access to the life-changing power of higher education.

Enjoy peace of mind
Graduate to a modest income and LRAP will help you repay your educational loans. It’s that simple.
Attend your college of choice
Enroll at your preferred college. Attending the right place at the right time makes all the difference.
Pursue your passions on campus
Follow your calling, and develop the skills needed to put yourself on the path to success.
Follow your dreams after graduation
Do what you love. With LRAP, you won’t have to choose between your passions and a paycheck.

How LRAP Helps

We couldn’t have said it better – so we let our students share their perspective.

LRAP Provides Peace of Mind

For Students:
You have a unique opportunity to live your dreams – we’re here to help.
For Families:
Confidently support your student, knowing loans won’t hold them back.
For Co-Signers:
We’re here to help your student repay their loans – so you don’t have to.

Student & Family Testimonials

  • “Knowing that the LRAP is available and waiting in the wings has made all the difference between whether our son could continue his education or have to drop out.”

    Julie, LRAP Parent 

  • “The LRAP alleviated a lot of worries about repaying loans after college and allowed me to transfer earlier from my community college to the private college I wanted to attend.”

    Rachel, LRAP Student 

  • “I really truly am happy and completely, 100% enjoying what I’m doing right now. If it wasn’t for the LRAP, I couldn’t do it.”

    Brenda, LRAP Student 

  • “Being able to send our girls to college seemed financially impossible. However, by using the LRAP program, our anxieties have eased and we can focus on supporting them with confidence.”

    Michelle, LRAP Parent 

  • “LRAP was definitely a deciding factor in our decision.  I hate that our son has to have student loans at all, but LRAP gives me a lot more peace of mind, knowing he has this program as a safety net.”

    John, LRAP Parent

  • “If it had not been for LRAP, I know for certain I would either be at a different school or working a dead-end job right now.”

    Stacy, LRAP Student 

LRAP Colleges & Universities

Take a look at some of the institutions across the country offering LRAP to their incoming students:

We Are Here to Help

Josh David
Senior Director of Student Service

Josh serves as the primary contact for students and families interested in learning more about the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP), while providing resources to help families make the best decisions for their student’s futures.

Phil Janeteas
Director of Student Service

Phil oversees the Student Service department of LRAP Association, while researching new ways to improve our systems and provide the highest level of service to the students and families benefitting from our program.

Sara Sharp
Student Service Manager

Sara works directly with students, families and graduates to answer questions about how the assistance process works, while ensuring that graduates have the resources and assistance they need to succeed after graduation.

Tyler Owen
Student Service Coordinator

Tyler experienced first-hand the life-changing power of higher education at Spring Arbor University – LRAP Association’s first client. He now serves as a go-to resource for students and families on the long-term value of a college degree.

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